History Of Bragard

Great oaks from little acorns grow

Henri Bragard’s first customer was a painter who lived near his little family grocery store. Young Henri, aged 26, tailored for this gentleman his first professional attire: a painter’s smock. It was 1933. Encouraged by this early success, Henri Bragard decided to cycle his way down the roads of the French Vosges to offer his services to other painters and also butchers, for whom he designed the “Tablier de Boucher Parisien” (Parisian Butcher Apron), which is still available by catalogue today. The first workshop was located in a family home in Saulxures-sur-Moselotte. This shop is where Henri’s wife, Simone Bragard, who was educated at the Académie de Coupe de Paris, designed a first collection of fancy working smocks. Twelve Bragard workshops would eventually be established in the Vosges, the cradle of the French textile craft, which was then at its peak.


It is a family affair

Gilles Bragard, the son of Henri and Simone, soon takes over the business with his wife, Monica. Together, they give the brand an international dimension by developing a branch catering to luxury hotels, confirming the premium quality of the brand and its haute-couture image. The burgeoning friendship with Chef Paul Bocuse will become a milestone in Bragard’s history. In 1976, Bragard launches the now famous Veste Grand Chef, quickly adopted by Monsieur Paul. And it’s by his request that Gilles Bragard develops the red, white and blue collar for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, emblem of the excellence of French culinary art.
As a global ambassador of French gastronomy, Mr Bocuse is always dressed in Bragard, and this loyalty, which gives Bragard great pride, has promoted our brand worldwide. With Gilles and Monica, Bragard puts its experience at the service of new businesses to gradually remove the border between fashion and workwear, making the brand a big name in professional attire.


Bragard, 83 years later

Today, the Grand Chef Bragard jacket is the official uniform of the culinary industry’s most prestigious contests. The brand also serves the largest luxury hotels chains. Bragard is synonymous with quality, timelessness, and innovation. Our collections, which are being made increasingly available to women, are diversified by new styles and more comfortable fabrics. Since 2007, our brand has been a member of the Kwintet group, the European leader in professional clothing, as part of a consistent effort to satisfy our customers in France and all over the world.

Henri Bragard

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