Kitchen Towels

If there is one essential element that every chef needs readily available at his or her disposal, it is a high quality kitchen towel. Do you need to grab a hot pot off the stove? Are you ready to pull a plate out of the oven? Is that plate too hot to touch? Then make sure to use a kitchen towel. As a busy professional coordinating multiple dinners you don't have time to look for pot holders and oven mitts. An all purpose towel is all you need.

Hot plates, pots and pans are not the only use for a dish towel. Spills and splatters are common place in the kitchen, and where there is a mess that needs to be cleaned up, it's a durable kitchen towel to the rescue. Restaurant towels are better at absorbing liquids and cleaning up spills than regular towels, and Bragard's kitchen towels are made with the high quality standards that you deserve. Whether you need to clean off a knife after chopping vegetables, wipe the edges of a plate before it heads out to the table or clean up spills on the stove, our line of kitchen towels will meet all of your needs.

Kevin is a thick waffle weave towel with a bold red stripe that measures a full 24 inches by 30 inches. This versatile towel comes in packs of twelve. A popular towel is our Maguy kitchen towel, a medium weight towel with a cotton/linen blend for durability and strength.

The Marie kitchen towel is 100% all natural cotton, white with bright red stripes. This 20 inch by 30 inch dish towel is one of our best selling dish towels and comes in packs of twelve. This towel is a workhorse, and you will always want to have one at your side.

Our premier kitchen towels include the Divion, a microfiber blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Available in packs of twelve, this comes with six towels in blue and six towels in ivory, all of which are 18 inches by 26 inches.

Our Dieppe line of kitchen towels are 100% pure linen, with red, green or blue stripes on a crisp, white background. Also in packs of twelve, this dish towel measures 20 inches by 30 inches.

Another premium kitchen towel is the Mineur, a cotton/linen blend which is certain to last through the toughest conditions. Designed with blue and grey checks and red trim, this towel measures 20 inches by 39 inches and comes in packs of twelve.

Every good chef knows the value of a high quality kitchen towel, and always has one at their side. In fact, the best chefs have a stack of towels at their disposal, so they can grab a fresh one in an instant, to deal with that spill or hot item ready to come out of the oven. Providing protection, safety and cleanliness, there is almost no end to the uses of a high quality kitchen towel, and Bragard's kitchen towels and dish towels are made with the highest quality for the finest culinary professionals.

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