Nothing signifies a professional chef nor is as easily recognizable as the distinctive trademark of a culinary professional as the chef apron and cooking apron. Every chef knows that no matter how careful you are or how meticulous your work station, the kitchen is a place where accidents happen. From spills to splatters, foods and liquids always seem to find a way to get on your clothes and your first line of defense against food contamination is a chef apron. A high quality cooking apron is the one article of clothing in your chef apparel that you need to have to be prepared for the inevitable kitchen accident.

Offering a wide array of unique styles, designs and colors, Bragard's chef aprons and cooking aprons provide protection beyond the standard kitchen apron. Designed with the highest quality materials and essential elements for both function and convenience, Bragard cooking aprons are certain to meet your chef needs. Our bib aprons provide protection from the chest to the knees while our unisex aprons with extra long ties wrap around the waist and boast large pockets for ease of use. Regardless of your restaurant kitchen needs, our cooking aprons and chef aprons are certain to meet your high standards.

The Travel chef apron is a bib apron with a fixed neck strap and extra long ties. Available in black, this chef apron is made with a durable cotton/polyester blend, while a white version of the cooking apron is made with 100% breathable cotton. This cooking apron is a classic recognized worldwide.

We offer a wide selection of unisex chef aprons, including the Accerra, Adrano and Anteo, all made with a high quality cotton/polyester blend. The Anteo cooking apron has extra long ties and a large pocket for holding your quickly needed items. The Adrano cooking apron also comes with extra long ties, and along with the Anteo is available in a variety of colors, including Grey, Plum, Fuchsia, Yellow, Orange, Black, Lavendar, Burgundy, Beige, Red, Green, Navy and Royal Blue.

The Carnac Waist Apron is a bibless apron, with extra long ties and made from 55% linen and 45% spun cotton. This is the cooking apron for the chef with discriminating tastes. For those looking for something with a little extra, we have the Ceylany, a unisex bib chef apron with adjustable neckstraps with snap buttons and four pockets (plus a pen pocket on the bib), made from 100% cotton.

Of all the items of clothing available, it is the cooking apron that is the most distinctive symbol of a world class chef. As a culinary professional working in the kitchen, your focus is on preparing the most exquisite food possible. You want to work with the knowledge and security that your outfit will provide the protection you need from spills and splashes while allowing you to move around freely and easily. We design our chef aprons to be the clothing barrier you desire while still providing an element of style. Comfort, security and style - the hallmarks of Bragard's cooking aprons and chef aprons, because you deserve nothing less.

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3 products