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Bragard USA Digital Gift Card. The perfect gift for the person that loves to cook or for the professional chef. Valid up to ONE year. Delivery option : by email.

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How long will my e-gift card be available for?

Your e-gift card will be available for 12 months from the date of purchase. The exact date can be found on the gift card. Beyond this date, the unique code associated with your gift card will no longer work and no refund will be possible.


How to use my e-gift card ?

Your e-gift card can only be used at and in our showroom (located at Long Island City, NY).

To benefit from the value of your e-gift card, all you need to do is enter your unique code on the shopping cart page in the “VOUCHER” and click on OK to validate the amount.

The amount of your e-gift card is valid once only. The amount must be equal to or less than the total amount of the basket. The order may be completed by another means of payment.


For any question, please contact us at

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