Icons 2019


Icons 2019

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Today, the Bragard House presents its collaboration with the biggest names in French and European gourmet dining such as  Régis Marcon, Lisa Goowin-Allen, Davide Oldani, Sven Wassmer et bien d'autres


The Bragard 2019 international icons

Régis Marcon


Régis Marcon

Restaurant Régis & Jacques Marcon

"Bragard, a very well-known name, a family, a tradition of workwear born in the Vosges area of France.
This workwear plays a vital role in my daily work as well as when i take part in the Bocuse d'Or ceremony and various national and international events"


Ali güngörmüs


"When the name Bragard goes through my mind i automatically think about the highest level of quality on the market. The jackets are hard-wearing, easy to care for and a delight to wear. The different cuts are innovative and very fashionable. There are styles for all tastes ranging from classic designs to cutting-edge garments.
In my opinion Bragard is undoubtedly the best partner on the market"

Ali Güngörmüs
Davide Oldani


Davide Oldani


"One of my first dreams as a chef was to wear a jacket that would match my determination to achieve great things.
At that moment in time, the Bragard "Grand Chef Originale" jacket was already an iconic product for young chefs like me.
I remember saving up to buy one back in 1989 before setting off for London to try my luck in the haute cuisine world of the iconic chef Albert Roux.
I am extremely proud to be the ambassador of this highly prestigious brand which provides the world's greatest chefs with sophisticated and skilfully-designed workwear"


Sven Wassmer

Grand Resort

" I've been proud to wear Bragard jackets ever since my first year as an apprentice. They're very comfortable as well as having a timeless design. These jackets arre worn by all the leading chefs.
It's a great honour for me to be the ambassador of a brand like this" 

Sven Wassmer
Jean-Baptiste Thomaes


Jean-Baptiste Thomaes

Château du Mylord

"For a chef, Bragard has a brand image that truly reflects the majesty of our noble profession.
The first cookery book i was given - as a Christmas present when i was 15 - was written by Paul Bocuse, who was already sporting a Bragard jacket.
Given the huge impact this photo had on me it was no surprise that i went on to wear the same garments as Mr Bocuse.
After opening my own restaurant, i bought a "Madrid" jacket and "Felix" trousers made by Bragard. I wore this workwear for several years.
Later on, after receiving several awards and prizes, i simply had to wear Bragard's "Grand Chef" jacket, embodying the quality and know-how of chefs"

Middle East

Yann Bernard Lejard

Ritz - Carlton

"Regarding his particular commitment to Bragard Brand, he just simply explain that since the early begin of his culinary studies when he was 13 years old "Bragard" was the luxury and quality reference concerning professional clothes. He grows up in the culinary industriy following the different collections and models of jacket and apron ans as YBL always has an artistic approach of everything; Bragard is "the Timeless Trend !"
That is why, YBL is extremely proud and honored to represent the brand for Middle East and Africa"

Yann Bernard Lejard
Lisa Goowin-Allen


Lisa Goodwin-Allen


"It is an honour for me to be brand ambassador for the 2019 catalogue. I have always found Bragard to be the ultimate in chef wear and would recommend for any top class professional chef. The quality and style choices are without question the best on the market"


Galton Blackiston


"Bragard to me signifies excellence, quality and consistency. Really all three of these words are what we try to achieve on a daily basis here at Morston Hall. I have always worn Bragard jackets and trousers and would highly recommend every whether it be young aspiring chef or further up the ladder chef do the same thing, basically you get with Bragard what you pay for. I'm immensely proud to be an ambassador for Bragard and will always try to showcase the Bragard jackets off with pride"

Galton Blackiston
Miguel Laffan


Miguel Laffan

AND Vineyards

"I grew up watching Bragard written on the big Chef's jackets around the world. It is a reference, a symbol, a true icon of the kitchen World.
I carry with me to the chest"

Partenariats Bragard



Bragard is proud to work with the most successful culinary institutions in the world

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