The origins and history of chef hats is as varied as the styles of chef hats themselves, and while there is no definitive answer to “Why did chefs start wearing hats?”, there are certainly entertaining stories. One legend has it that King Henry the VIII found a hair in his soup and his chef was promptly beheaded, and chef hats were worn by all subsequent cooks. There are also the stories of chefs in ancient Assyria who wore chef hats that were modeled after the crowns worn kings as a sign of their status in the king's court (supposedly this was to help ensure the chefs would not poison the king).

We've come a long way since then, but chef hats are still one of the most recognizable pieces of a culinary uniform. Chef hats provide a variety of purposes, helping keep hair in place and providing comfort and coolness by absorbing both heat and sweat. Bragard chef hats are designed for maximum efficiency and made with the finest materials and meticulous design.

Available in both black and white, the Douga chefs hat is a single thickness skull cap with elastic headband. Made from a unique blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this is a stylish and comfortable chefs hat for any occasion.

If you are looking for a chefs hat that will provide a bit of coolness during hot shifts in the kitchen, the Douga Chef Hat with a cool mesh top is the perfect choice. Like the regular Douga , this chefs hat is also available in both black and white.

The toque hat is a well known style of chefs hat. Made with pleats, this round hat which is available in a variety of heights, has little to no brim and is commonly worn by the world's best chefs. Bragard offers three styles of the toque chefs hat, along with two disposable versions.

The Khani is our 12 inch chefs hat with a double thick headband and adjustable sizing, made from 100% cotton, available in small, medium and large.

The Milon is a 10 inch toque chefs hat in 100% cotton with a double thick headband available in sizes of small, medium and large, while the Goyan chefs hat is a 6 inch high toque, also with double thick headband and available in sizes small, medium and large, and also made from 100% cotton.

The Disposal Toque chefs hat is a disposable chefs hat available in two heights, 10 inch hat and an 8 inch hat. Both contain an adjustable velcro closure and are sold in packs of 25.

Walk into any kitchen in any restaurant and you will easily spot the culinary professional by the outfit they wear, which includes the chefs hat. More than just fashion, the chefs hat is a highly functional piece of clothing, keeping hair and sweat where they belong, and away from the food. Made with absorbent cotton, our chef hats are designed to keep you cool and focused on doing what you do best, preparing great food!